Why Is Beer So Expensive in Oregon?

Staff Writer
It's undeniably pricier there. Why?

Beer prices are higher in Oregon.

Why is beer so expensive in Oregon?  Let me tell you A Tale of Two Six-Packs.


Last October when The New School posse was doing some post-GABF beer shopping at a Denver liquor store, I was excited to find six-packs by Dry Dock Brewing. It was a Colorado brewery I hadn't heard of before that trip, and I had really enjoyed their gold-medal winning mild ale at the festival (they won 5 medals in total at the 2013 GABF).  Checking beer in your luggage is easier when it's in cans, so it was a no-brainer to pick up a sixer of Dry Dock's Hop Abomination IPA.  Even better, the price was right:  $6.99.  And that was not a sale price, that was the regular price of the beer.
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