Piglets Caught Stealing Milk From Dairy Cows

A dairy farmer discovered his milk was being stolen in the cutest possible way


A dairy farmer in Austria was worried that his cows were going dry, then he discovered three piglets were sneaking in and drinking their milk.

An Austrian dairy farmer thought something was going wrong with his herd when they suddenly stopped giving as much milk as they were supposed to. He had no idea what could be wrong and even thought some cattle rustlers might be going after his cows, but it turned out to be a much cuter crime than that, because the milk thieves were actually three piglets that had developed a taste for milk.

According to The Local, the pigs were caught in the act by some tourists who happened to be walking through the area. When they spotted pigs suckling at a herd of pastured cows, they did what anybody would do in that situation and immediately grabbed their phones and started taking pictures. When the farmer saw the pictures, he was astounded. Three eight-month-old piglets that had been pastured nearby had apparently developed a taste for milk and figured out how cows work. So they trotted over for a visit, and when the tourists saw them, the pigs were just hanging out in the field and drinking milk from the cows as though they were little pink calves. For their part, the cows did not seem to mind.

“They drink from the udder with a lot of sensitivity,” said dairy farmer Hans Gumpitsch. If the pigs had been rough or done anything that annoyed the cows, the cows would have driven them off. Instead, they seemed perfectly fine with the arrangement.

Nobody seems mad about the milk thievery, though. Visitors throughout the town have been coming to look for themselves, because it’s not every day that a person sees a piglet drinking milk from a cow.

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