The Pierogi Wagon Aims for Its Chicago Debut

A family turns to crowdsourcing to fund their food truck

Pierogi Wagon

The Chicago food truck scene is really starting to take off, despite challenges from the city concerning parking and permits. The freedom and flexibility of food trucks have inspired many, and now one family is looking to crowdsourcing to make their mobile munchies a reality. Damian Warzecha and Jessica Whitney share a love for pierogis, the traditional Polish dumplings. Armed with backgrounds in the service industry, the pair decided that these savory treats should be shared with the rest of Chicago. Thus was the idea for the Pierogi Wagon hatched.

Damian told us that a food truck set-up won out over a traditional restaurant for a number of reasons. He has had experience in concessions and liked the environment and feeling of events. Overhead for a truck is significantly more manageable than a brick-and-mortar spot, and the mobility allows the ability to try out different locations and reach out to more of the community.

Involving the community is an important element of the Pierogi Wagon’s journey. Funding for a risky venture like a food truck can be difficult to come by. A loyal customer base is key to success, and how better to ensure that than to give those same customers a chance to bring the business to life? Damian found Kickstarter to be the perfect solution for raising the money needed to create the Pierogi Wagon. With even a $5 donation earning one the bragging rights of being a “founder,” the Pierogi Wagon really seeks to be born of a communal effort.

So what can you look forward to once the Pierogi Wagon hits the streets? Damian and Jessica will be serving the Polish staple in traditional flavors such as beef and mushroom & kraut, as well as modern tastes on special seasonal menus. Dipping sauces like applewood smoked bacon sour cream and jalapeno ranch will accompany orders, which come in both snack and regular sizes.

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Craving some pierogis now? This is your chance to bring them to the streets! Take a look at what the Pierogi Wagon has to offer in their promotional video, and don’t forget to visit their Kickstarter page!