Pie Face Brings Australian Meat Pies to New York City

24-hour pie shop comes to New York City's Murray Hill

Pie Face serves New York City's most adorable Australian meat pies.

Pie Face, a popular pie chain in Australia, has opened its second U.S. location at 34th Street and Third Avenue.

"We always imagined Pie Face as a global brand," said CEO Wayne Homschek, who spoke to The Daily Meal. Homschek is American so New York was a natural pick for international expansion. And, apparently, it’s going well.

"New Yorkers have fallen in love with the Aussie meat pie," claims the website.

So what does Pie Face have going for it?

First, the name actually means something — each pie has an adorable personalized face piped in gravy on top. Not only are the pies guaranteed to make you smile, but they'll also let you know what kind of filling is in the pie. Brilliant.

Pie Face serves savory and sweet pies. Photo credit: Pie Face

Then, of course, we move onto their hallmark Australian meat pies in flavors like classical Australian mincemeat, fan favorite chunky steak, and Indian-inspired tandoori vegetable. If you ask Homschek, though, he’s craving their newest flavor: Southern BBQ Pork.

To be fair, that’s not technically an authentic meat pie flavor, but the New York Pie Face store is the real deal — from décor to image, they’ve maintained the same look as you’d find in Australia. They even play music from the land Down Under.

In addition to savory pies, Pie Face also offers dessert pies, sandwiches, and pastries, and something no 24-hour food joint would be complete without: an extensive line of coffees. The signature line of Wake Me Up!!! Coffee (exclamation points and all) features espresso blends from "Still Asleep!" (decaf) to “Kick My Arse!”

We’ll need it after an all-night pie eating marathon.