Parents Furious Over Naughty Candy at Halloween Parade

Someone threw some adult candy at a MIssissippi Halloween parade
Halloween candy bucket


Some kids at a Halloween parade in Mississippi found some phallic candy mixed in with their hauls. 

An unknown knave decided to spice up the annual Halloween parade in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, by throwing some very adult-themed candy into the mix, and now some parents are furious about the prank.

According to WDAM, candy was thrown from the parade to the assembled children, but several children picked up packages of what turned out to be phallus-shaped novelty candy for grown-ups.

"I pick it up and I wonder what's wrong with the candy. Is it open? I pick it up and look at it, and it's penis candy,” said attendee Keisha Smith.

The parade is traditionally a family-friendly event, and organizers in advance published rules against sexually suggestive costumes and clothes, but no rules against phallic candy.   

Organizers told WDAM that they’d addressed the matter with the parade participants responsible, and that the pranksters had been “dealt with” by the group with which they were participating in the parade.

“Going forward, we will make changes to the Halloween Parade Rules to prevent this from happening in the future,” said organizer Paul Sims. “Our events are family-friendly for the enjoyment of the entire Hattiesburg community, and we intend to make sure they stay that way.”