P.F. Chang’s Mai Tai and More Unhealthy Chain Cocktails (Slideshow)

Downing one of these cocktails may double — or triple — your meal’s calories

8. Chili’s Strawberry Margarita

At 387 calories, this margarita doesn’t sound that bad, until you consider the fact that a standard meal should only be around 500 calories. And have you ever had just one margarita? 

7. P.F. Chang’s Mai Tai


Sure, Mai Tais are delicious, but are they as good as an entire order of shrimp dumplings and two spring rolls? The Mai Tai is 433 calories, more than the dumplings and spring rolls combined. 

6. Outback’s Wallaby Darned


A peach Bellini can’t be that bad, right? Sorry. This Schnapps and vodka drink has 580 calories; that’s more than a 10-ounce rib eye. 

5. Olive Garden Chocolate Almond Amore

This chocolaty, boozy shake is more dessert than happy hour. At 600 calories, this alcoholic shake has more calories than an order of spaghetti with meat sauce. 

4. Cheesecake Factory Long Island Iced Tea

Don’t let the name confuse you; there is no tea in long island iced tea. There are however, four different types of liquor, which makes this drink around 650 calories. 

3. Cheesecake Factory Flying Gorilla


The chain (notorious for serving up calorie bombs) keep the exact makeup of this “’Kick-ed’ Up Chocolate Banana Milkshake” pretty close to the vest, but it’s some combination of ice cream, crème de cacao and banana liqueur. Washington Post food critic Tim Carman puts its caloric content somewhere in the 590-870 calorie range. 

2. Red Lobster Traditional Lobsterita

Why on Earth would you waste 890 calories on this processed margarita mix sugar bomb when you could eat six, SIX, Cheddar Bay (aka bread crumbles of heaven) biscuits instead?  

1. TGI Fridays Frozen Mudslide

No kidding, this boozy chocolate sundae has 1,100 calories. You could eat an entire order of hot wings AND an order of Thai pork tacos and not have consumed as many calories as you would drinking this cocktail.