PETA Sues California Restaurant Over Foie Gras And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

PETA Cracks Down on Foie Gras: The animal rights group claims a California restaurant has been ducking the foie gras ban by serving it as a side dish with a burger (changing the name of their foie gras burger but offering it for free). [AP]

Fast-Food Workers to Unionize? In New York, fast-food workers at McDonald's, Wendy's, Domino's, and Taco Bell walked off the job to protest low wages. [NYT]

Japan Airlines to Serve KFC for Holidays: Apparently, Japanese Christmas customs involve eating fried chicken, so it makes sense that JAL will be serving "Air Kentucky" trays of fried chicken, bread, and coleslaw on select outbound flights from Narita airport from December through February. [LA Times]

Restaurant Chef Reacts Harshly to Facebook Review: After seeing a negative review about his pumpkin pie, the chef/owner of Restaurant Pigalle took to Facebook to call the reviewer "fat," "b*tch," and "sweet pea." He later apologized. [Jezebel]

Tokyo Keeps Up Michelin Stars: The Japanese capital still has more three-star restaurants than any other capital, but two restaurants lost their three-Michelin-star rankings. [WSJ]