Perfect Party Wines

Looking for the perfect sparkler for your next gathering? This effervescent beauty is sure to delight

Gia Coppola's wines are ideal for a gathering.

There isn’t much we love more than Champagne cocktails, and we firmly believe that sparkling wine is the best choice for parties: it’s fun, it makes any event a celebration, and most importantly, it tends to induce giggles and flirting in your guests, which should generally be the goal.

We like the bright effervescence and juicy pear notes of the Gia Frizzante Chardonnay, which is delightful served on its own, but also comes to life as part of a Champagne cocktail. Gia Coppola’s bottles look like perfect little jewels; their shape reminds us of emerald-cut diamonds and their labels are candy-colored and charming. When you invite these bottles to your gathering, they’ll only add to the decor.

You can do all sorts of things with sparkling wine, and if you’re having a large gathering, it can be fun to have a bunch of options: little bottles with flavored simple syrup (think lavender-thyme or rose-peppercorn), a variety of bitters (we favor the Hella Bitter brand), and a few different juices and liqueurs (passion fruit, Frangelico). However, it can also get overwhelming for people who don’t know what to mix. If you want to keep it simple and delightful, serve these cocktails at your next gathering.

The Bitter Spark 

Death in the Afternoon