The Perfect Candy Apple Bar

How to make this fun fall treat into a fun fall activity

Create this easy party station for your next fall party!

Pulling together creepy foods for your Halloween party is always a fun challenge. You’ve created a bone-chilling décor scheme and have all of the proper accoutrements to create a creepy display, but you’re missing something if you can’t have a little interactive fun with your food. [related]

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When candy apple season arrives, the appeal of sinking our teeth into their candy-coated exteriors is practically irresistible. This fall snack is a staple for any trip to the pumpkin patch or farmers' market, and kids love the tangy bite of the apple mixed with the crunch of candy. But candy apples aren’t just for fall snacking — they are for playing, too! 

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Making your own version of this tasty treat is easy to master. But to turn it into a fun fall activity, you want to make more than an apple encased in a hard candy shell. For your next Halloween party, setting up a candy apple bar helps to not only have a fun themed treat for your party, but it also gives guests something great to do. The best part is, setting up is easy, inexpensive, and makes for a delicious party snack! Just follow our tips on how to make the best candy apple bar for your party.