PDT's Fall Cocktails

Enjoy fall in a glass with PDT's seasonally-inspired cocktails.
Fall cocktails at PDT
Photo courtesy of Arthur Bovino

Fall cocktails at PDT

Fall means pumpkins, apples, pears and witches, but not just in new dishes and on all Hallow’s Eve. It’s not only restaurants that change menus with the season, but bars too. At PDT, one of Manhattan’s hottest bars, head mixologist Jim Meehan introduced four new fall cocktails to celebrate the season.

The Concord Companion

At PDT, Meehan wants every spirit category to be well-represented. This gin drink, made with Beefeater, is pink and hazy like punch, but not too sweet. The grape garnish is from the Union Square Greenmarket. For the garnish-eater, this is either a drink for the beginning of the night when you can adeptly avoid seeds, or night’s end when you won’t care about them. Click Here for the Recipe.

Peruvian Pear Cobbler

Basically a pear bellini with Pisco over pebble ice and a dusting of nutmeg and cinnamon. Pears are in season and nutmeg brings in a taste of the fall. The little flare from the Pisco lets you know this means business. Click Here for the Recipe.

Witches’ Kisses

Apple, apple butter, and saffron liqueur. A bit thick and viscous because of the apple butter, which starts at the bottom of the shaker. But not as sweet as you might expect—instead tart and lemony. Click Here for the Recipe.

The Great Pumpkin

A flip, a resurrected classic, uses whole egg, and sometimes cream. The Great Pumpkin is egg-noggy, but thinner, light and foamy. Click Here for the Recipe.