PBR Replaces Beer Stolen at 'Forkpoint'

Good marketing, everyone!

Here's proof that there's good people in the world (or at least, good marketers); a PBR distributor took it upon himself to replace a robbery victim's stolen PBR.

Last week, a man approached college senior Jessica Robertson while she was sitting on her patio, and asked for a beer. He brandished something that looked like a knife, grabbed a can of PBR, and then dashed away. The thief was caught, and it turns out he only had a fork. As for the beer? He hadn't even finished it.

"They came and poured it out. What a shame. What a shame," Robertson told WOWT.

So when a local Nebraska PBR distributor heard about the catastrophe, the company decided to replace the lost goods.


"We're really sorry what happened to you last week with someone taking your beer from you," Rick Birdsell told Robertson, bringing a couple of cases of PBR to her home. We'd trade a lost can of PBR for a couple cases, anytime.