PBR Replaces Beer Stolen at 'Forkpoint'

Good marketing, everyone!

Here's proof that there's good people in the world (or at least, good marketers); a PBR distributor took it upon himself to replace a robbery victim's stolen PBR.

Last week, a man approached college senior Jessica Robertson while she was sitting on her patio, and asked for a beer. He brandished something that looked like a knife, grabbed a can of PBR, and then dashed away. The thief was caught, and it turns out he only had a fork. As for the beer? He hadn't even finished it.

"They came and poured it out. What a shame. What a shame," Robertson told WOWT.

So when a local Nebraska PBR distributor heard about the catastrophe, the company decided to replace the lost goods.

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"We're really sorry what happened to you last week with someone taking your beer from you," Rick Birdsell told Robertson, bringing a couple of cases of PBR to her home. We'd trade a lost can of PBR for a couple cases, anytime.