Paula Deen Museum Headed to Albany, Georgia

A local group is planning to open a museum in her name in her hometown

Hold up: In-N-Out won't get a museum, but Paula Deen might?

The Albany Herald reports that a local group has plans for a Paula Deen museum, after purchasing her old Whitney Avenue residence with plans of paying tribute to the queen of Southern cooking.

Nevermind that Deen has by now adopted Savannah, Ga., as her home; "she remains an Albany girl," the Herald says. "I think you can say I'm living proof that the American Dream exists," Deen told The Albany Herald over the phone. "I'm proof that if someone will roll up their sleeves and go to work... Well, if I can do it — I don't want to say just anyone can do it — but, yes, almost anyone can, if they have the kind of passion I have about the things I do."

The museum team, led by B.J. Fletcher and Jimmy Deen (Paula's ex-husband and father of Jamie and Bobby Deen), is working with city officials to turn Deen's childhood home into a museum to attract fans to her hometown.


Apparently, the project has been in the works for more than a year, and they've been in talks to have some of Deen's old furniture delivered. "That house holds so many memories for me," Deen said. "All the cheerleader cookouts, the spend-the-night parties... And it just so happens I can pretty much furnish it like it was." Aw, sweet. But really, does this mean Paula Deen is the Julia Child of our generation?