Party Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

Staff Writer
Suggestions from celebrity event planner Larry Scott to keep you happy this winter
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Just because the weather is frightful doesn’t mean your mood has to be.

When the temperature dips below the freezing mark and darkness descends at 5 pm, it’s easy to get the winter blues! To elevate you mood, consider throwing a party to keep energy happy and high!

Winter Blues parties don’t need a reason. Suggest to a group of friends that everyone take a turn entertaining. Set the mood with inexpensive decorations from Party City (or any party store) which can help bring out the child in everyone and encourage people to go back to fun!

My one must rule for every partyend EVERY party on a high note with an outrageous dessert spread from cupcakes, to candy, mini pastries, cookies. Just be sure to offer lots of choices. More is best when it comes to dessert, as it is what guests will remember and is the finale of the party.

Suggested themes and ideas for beating the winter blues:


  • Decorate in silver, white and shades of blue

  • Cold foodscaviar, fresh shellfish

  • Signature snow cones


  • Red foodItalian food red velvet desserts, red licorice, red candy

  • Red drinks

  • Everyone wears red

  • Change light bulbs to red

  • Napkins/table cloth red


  • Super Bowl tailgate in your home

  • Hot dogs, ribs, wings, nachos – ‘manly’ food

  • Tequila bar – nothing says party like tequila!  Set up a bar with different kinds of tequila, mixers


  • Invite guests to dress Hollywood style

  • Décor should be elegant and follow the golden rule of Hollywood –use sequins and glitz!

  • Fancy foodcaviar, champagne, lamb chops, shrimp

  • Serve family style for a group, or a sit down meal for a small group

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  • Turn cold days into a hot tropical island
  • Piñata
  • Serve island food—chicken/pineapple, paella, salad with fruits