Partake in Titanic's Last Supper for $300

A New York culinary team is recreating the last supper 100 years after the Titanic sank

RMS Titanic

Looks like the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sinking is going to be a big event, and not just because of the movie's 3-D release (although we are psyched for it).

On April 14, 100 years after the ship sank, an event called 41°North, 49°West will create a dinner inspired by the last supper onboard the Titanic.

According to Untapped, "The last supper on the Titanic was a whopping 11 courses," but the recreation will be reduced to seven courses with wine pairings, courtesy of chefs Adam Banks (Brav) and Rob McCue (Hell's Kitchen).

Invites will be sent out March 15, with tickets starting at $300 for a first class ticket and $450 for VIP tickets (VIPs get additional courses and "premier wine pairings.") Sure, those prices are steep, but it's way cheaper than that $150,000 final lunch menu. Sign up at