Titanic's Final Lunch Menu Up for Auction

It's expected to get more than $158,000 on March 31

RMS Titanic

A menu from the final lunch served on board the Titanic, offering egg a l'argenteuil and corned ox tongue to first class passengers, will be up for bidding March 31 by auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son.

The menu is dated from April 14, 1912, the night Titanic sank (and in our pop culture memories, the night Rose promised to never let go). Considering that an onboard menu from April 10, 1912 sold for £27,000, it's no surprise that the final lunch menu is expected to go for more than £100,000 (roughly $158,000).

This piece of memorabilia was reportedly given to the first class passenger Dr. Washington Dodge, whose wife, Ruth, then put it in her handbag. The auction will be 100 years to the day after Titanic was completed, a Henry Aldridge & Son spokesperson said.

Other Titanic mementos have been auctioned off before, including the Titanic launch menu (for £10,000), a letter card (for £19,000), an eight-page letter from onboard the Titanic (for £33,000), and a Helen Churchill Candee 36-page manuscript (for £48,000). The final lunch menu may just top all of those sales.