Pancake Partying Ideas

In honor of National Pancake Day, we’re getting creative with America’s favorite breakfast food
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Throw a flapjack fete that your guests will love!

Nothing reminds us of our childhood home more than the smell of breakfast in the morning.

Crisp bacon, coffee brewing, and the sweet, sweet smell of pancakes. We would stroll down the stairs in a sleep-filled haze, pajama-clad, and not so ready to start the day. But then, it would dawn on us — it was Saturday — no school, no work, just pancakes and Saturday morning cartoons. Sounds like a typical weekend morning, right? 

In honor of National Pancake Day, let’s celebrate like it's Saturday morning again. We’ve pulled on our thinking caps and have scoured the world of social media to come up with a few different types of pancake-themed bashes. Oh yes, these are some delicious flapjack fetes:

Pajama and Pancake Party:

Ideal for a kids party, have your children and their pals attend a brunch bash where everyone arrives in their favorite sleepwear. Create pancakes in fun shapes and have the kids put whatever toppings they want on them — like a DIY bar. Serve other breakfast foods as well for a well-balanced meal. For goody bags, send kids home with cookie cutters so they can make their own pancake characters at home.

Outrageous Pancakes:

Though we love pancakes in all shapes and sizes — silver dollar, short stack, huge and fluffy, etc. — there are other types of pancakes besides the kind you eat for breakfast. Think about it — potato pancakes, blinis, crepes — each country has their own version. Call your party "Pancakes Around the World," create a buffet bar with all the different selections, and it will be a surefire hit! 

Breakfast Birthday:

After a long workweek, it’s nice to get together with your pals to catch up over breakfast or brunch. Bring the party home and celebrate your birthday over a morning meal, where your pals can decide on what flavors they like — red velvet, cinnamon, chocolate chip. Have a griddle ready with different batters and guests can help themselves to their favorites. Have two pitchers of signature cocktails like bellinis and mimosas and a pot of coffee and you’re good to go. When it comes time to sing "Happy Birthday," stick a few candles in a short stack rather than a cake. 

Mini Pancake Party Food:

Have your next cocktail party feature a menu made up of miniature pancakes and different toppings. Make them savory with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or whip up a bacon- and corn-filled batter. For sweet options, top them with candied nuts and fresh fruit compote. Pair each mini course with a cocktail and your guests will love exploring their palate.