New Washing Machine Comes With 'Curry' Button

There are countless things in the world that can stain a person's clothes, but food is one of the most common sources of clothing spots. That's why Panasonic is introducing a new washing machine for the India market that comes with a special cycle for treating curry stains.

According to the BBC, Panasonic said that it decided to develop a "curry" cycle after customers complained that their washing machines couldn't fully remove stains from the popular food dish. The company says it took two years to develop a specific washing machine cycle that had the best water temperature and water flow to handle stains caused by curry, because curry has many different ingredients, and each ingredient can have a slightly different method for stain removal.

The new machines cost about $330, and about 5,000 of them have sold so far. The company hopes to sell 30,000 of them by next year. With the threat of stained clothing no longer hanging over us, try out some of our best curry recipes for some delicious ways to put your washing machine to the test.