Pair It, Share It


Take aim, shoot! The culinary paparazzi are in the house!!

It seems meals have become prime time to capture sweet and savory shots of beautiful food and pretty glasses of wine. Those images are shared on all sorts of social networks, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Foodspotting or Pinterest. It’s a quick, fun way to let your friends from near and far know what you’re eating and sipping.

That’s really the inspiration behind the #PairItShareIt project, an ongoing food and wine matching conversation on Twitter. When you find a dish that makes Italian Pinot Grigio shine, for instance, give it a shout out by using that #PairItShareIt hashtag on Twitter and you’ll be able to see other tasty combos there. Post a photo to make your case deliciously convincing.

We’re so lucky to have access these days to awesome smart phones that make it easy to look like a food photography pro. In this video, we’ve outlined a few suggestions for taking mouthwatering images including shooting from various angles and using natural light whenever possible. Check out more tips by watching the video.

Just remember, some restaurants have policies about using flash in romantically lit dining rooms, so it’s always a good idea to check with your server before shooting. Bon Appétit and happy shooting!