Padma Lakshmi Thinks You're Weak for Liking White-Wine Spritzers

Lakshmi sat down with Esquire and let us know her thoughts on men who drink wine

Despite the popularity of white-wine spritzers, one celebrity does not support enjoying a glass. Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi made her feelings on spritzers, men drinking wine, and luxury wines known to Esquire, in some choice (and not so choice) words. 

Lakshmi, who is working with Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley, Calif., on its Ultimate Host competition, talked with Esquire writer Matt Goulet about wines. Want to drink like Lakshmi? Her opinions from the interview, below: 

(When asked about men drinking wine) "I'm in favor of it. I think wine is such a big universe that it's kind of like food — it's intimidating to a lot of people, myself included. But if you approach it wine by wine, and if you like a wine that you drink, now with your phone, it's so easy. Just take a picture of the label. You learn about it. You learn where it comes from and what the soil is like and why you like it. And that'll lead you to another wine."

"You can't drink [wine] alone. It's all very subjective. Wine, like food, is so emotional. If you think about it, so much of the courting ritual is surrounded by wine and food. There's a built-in romance to wine." 

(When asked if a bottle of wine can win a woman over) "It can speed up the process. I don't think just any bottle of wine. But it helps. It's not a miracle-worker."

(When asked how she feels about white-wine spritzers) "No. That's a real pussy drink. And I don't mean that in a good way."