Outrageous Pie Roundup

Since we’re all about entertaining, let’s talk about the pies you can gift rather than the ones you can make!
Jane Bruce

You need to remember these pies aren't in front of you, so stop trying to dig in and buy them!

As you know, we’re coming up on the biggest pie holiday of the year — Thanksgiving. And while we’ve shown you the ropes in the Ultimate Guide to Pie and have talked to pie experts, we were thinking, what if you just want to gift a pie?

Take a gander at a few of our favorite slices.

If you don’t have the time to put an apron on and get flour in your hair, it’s all right to give the gift of a baker’s pie, so here's a look at some fantastic pies around town. 

From New York to Los Angeles and a few stops in between, we have everything from s’mores pie to full-blown turkey stuffed pie. These days, pies aren’t just limited to your go-to flavors like apple, cherry, and pecan.

Oh no, no, no — there is more on the horizon for what’s inside that flaky crust.