Oscar Party Drinking Game

Helping you party like an Academy Award winner... or loser

Oscar Party Drinking Game

What is the best way to celebrate Oscar night? Make like you're in Hollywood and throw a glitzy and glamorous viewing party? Whip up some dishes and drinks inspired by the nominees?

Here's another suggestion: Get together with your favorite fellow movie geeks and play an Oscars-themed drinking game. Just print out the rules below, and make sure you have a tall glass of your favorite drink handy during the broadcast this Sunday!


Take One Sip If:

• An interviewer on the red carpet tells someone they look "fabulous," "gorgeous," or "fierce."

• A winner thanks the Academy.

• A winner pulls out a prepared speech or list of people to thank. (Take another sip if they do this while saying something along the lines of, "This is so unexpected...")

• A winner thanks their parents and/or family.

• A winner says how honored they are to just have been nominated in their category with their peers.

• The same movie wins more than one award.

• Every time 'Scorsese' is said (part of the Bridesmaids' stars drinking game introduced at the Golden Globes).


Take Two Sips If:

• Every time Billy Crystal cracks a joke about being the replacement host for Eddie Murphy.

• Someone forgets the name of the designer they're wearing.

• A presenter messes up their lines.

• Someone trips on camera.

• An actress has an obvious wardrobe malfunction.

• A winner forgets to thank their spouse or significant other.


• If a winner starts to tear up (finish your drink if they actually start to cry).