Host a Golden Globes Cocktail Party

Cocktails to get you ready for a night on the red carpet with Tina and Amy

It’s freezing outside — make your friends come to you for a Golden Globes party.

There’s really nothing better than an excuse to wear a fancy dress and break out the gigantic costume jewelry — other than never, ever leaving your apartment again, now that America has turned into a godforsaken, frozen wasteland of doom. Fortunately, you can combine these two activities — if huddling under a blanket for hours while the wind whistles threateningly outside can really count as an "activity" — by hosting a Golden Globes cocktail party for all of your equally chilly friends.

Click here for our 8 Golden Globe Party Cocktails (Slideshow)

Despite this record-breaking cold snap, our traditions must prevail, and what American institution is more time-honored than sipping cocktails and nibbling hors d’oeuvres at an awards party? You could argue, "Why, shooting fireworks on the Fourth of July is a pretty customary American practice," or "Thanksgiving turkey, dummy," and you might be right, but you’d be less fun than we are.

Besides, "But it’s tradition!" is a great way to guilt your friends into trudging their way through the sleety streets to your toasty little apartment so that they might gather around your flat-screen, cheer on their favorite actresses, and scream, "Oh, honey, no!" at the worst red carpet styles. If your pals are going to traverse this tundra for your benefit, however, you should be a good hostess and offer them an array of delicious beverage options for their trouble.

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Gearing up for a Golden Globe party this Sunday? Have we got the goods for you. For your friends who are sticking to their New Year’s resolutions, grab a couple of bottles of Skinnygirl — their line of low-calorie options are delicious and feel more like an indulgence than they really are. For everyone else, we’ve got a whole lineup of full-calorie blends to match.