Order Gourmet Fare From First Caviar Vending Machine in The US

It's inside the Burbank Towne Center in Beverly Hills

Caviar, truffles, and escargot aren’t just for fancy French restaurants anymore. As of this week, a selective group of specialized vending machines, touchscreens and all, inside the Burbank Towne Center in Beverly Hills will be selling gourmet fare. The specialty products from Beverly Hills Caviar claims to offer a selection of “the world’s finest caviar.” However, if fish eggs don’t seem to jumpstart that 3 pm snack slump, there’s always snails, blinis, and bottarga to get you through the afternoon. And of course, if you’re indulging in such a snack, you can’t eat off just any food court Styrofoam tray… the vending machines also supply Mother of Pearl Plates and spoons as well as gourmet oils and salts. But don’t let the presentation fool you. Despite the vending machine display, these gourmet delicacies come with a rather hefty price tag, ranging between $50 and $500. So next time you need a snack to propel you through your shopping spree, take a moment for yourself at the Burbank Hills Caviar vending center for French delicacies, but without the stuffy waiter and linen tablecloths….