The Only Apple Pie Guide You’ll Ever Need

It’s time to perfect your apple pie technique

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There’s nothing more American (or delicious) as apple pie.

Keep it Simple. In-season apples are so flavorful, you just need to add sugar and spice to fill an apple pie.
Apple Tree
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Apple Pie Spice. Store-bought spice mixes are great. If you haven’t found a blend you like yet, try making your own mix with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger.
Cinnamon Sticks
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From-Scratch Dough. If you have a food processor, stand mixer, or hand mixer, it’s not as hard as it sounds. And it’s so worth it. Yes, you can use the store-bought refrigerated kind if you’re in a bind and your pie will come out fine. But don’t you want to aim a little bit higher than just fine?
Apple Pie Filling
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Choose a Pie Top. Go traditional with a full-cover top, or try your hand at lattice topping (it’s easier than it looks!). If you’re not a fan of the second dough version, opt for a crumble-topped pie instead.
Lattice Pie Top
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Single Serving. Or, scratch everything you thought you knew about apple pies and turn them into hand-held apple pies.
Apple Hand Pies
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