In 1 Week, More Than 1,000 People Shared Dinner in 92 Cities

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The weeklong worldwide potluck dinners were arranged by grassroots organization Peers

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

More than 1,000 people shared dinner in 92 cities all over the world as a part of the New Global Sharing Economy Movement.

For a week in October (Oct. 21 to 28), one of the largest coordinated global potlucks took place in 92 cities worldwide — from Budapest to Hong Kong, and Nairobi to San Francisco. The global initiative was arranged by grassroots organization Peers, which "believe[s] that by sharing what we already have — like cars, homes, skills, and time — everyone benefits in the process," according to their webpage. During the week of global potlucks, more than 1,000 people gathered to share dinner, in 32 countries, and Peers members dedicated more than 830 hours to host potlucks. The dinner gatherings were shared on the Internet, showing how powerful the online community can be for sharing ideas and connecting people.

"Coming together is the first step to building our momentum, and the opportunities to collaborate globally in the weeks, months and years to come are endless. The spirit of sharing itself — generosity, openness, and creativity — demonstrates the power of this movement," Natalie Foster, executive director of Peers, said in a press release.

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During the week of Dinner with Peers, on average every guest brought a $10 meal to the potlucks, and shared their experience by posting photos to showcase their special dinner moments.