One of New York’s Oldest Food Markets Closes its Doors

TriBeCa’s iconic Bell Bates Natural Foods Market has closed

One of New York City's oldest food markets, Bell Bates, has shuttered. DNAinfo reported earlier today that the market, which opened in 1885, would be closing soon, but calls went unanswered and a call to the dry cleaner next door revealed that they'd closed down for good. 

As one of the oldest food markets in the area, Bell Bates remained successful for a long time. However, they faced stiff competition in the neighborhood over the last 10 years; for example, a Whole Foods market opened nearby in 2008 and spans an entire city block. Shortly after, Vitamin Shoppe opened another branch a few blocks over. Even so, Bell Bates had been able to retain loyal customers for 7 additional years until now.

One regular shopper told DNAinfo just how devastating this loss is, citing this store as her favorite spot to buy juices, organic foods, and other health products.


Tribeca Citizen reported that Bell Bates sold their space to a public school close by. It seems that even with so much praise for the originality of Bell Bates market, the company had trouble maintaining that success. 128 years was a good run, though!