The One Food Andrew Zimmern Doesn’t Like

The man behind 'Bizarre Foods America' shares his most-despised food
Foods Chefs Hate

Andrew Zimmern

James Beard Award-winning TV personality Andrew Zimmern, who marks his 100th episode of his Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods America July 9, has one food he absolutely cannot stand.

The man who has traveled around the world and documented his gastronomic adventures eating bat paste, durian, and other bizarre foods for six seasons can count the number of foods he doesn’t like on one hand — well, one finger. And the food he doesn’t like can be bought at your local grocery store.

Zimmern does not like walnuts. His explanation: they taste soapy.

Zimmern’s revelation got us thinking here at The Daily Meal. What foods do other famous food personalities hate? The Daily Meal asked the host of Top Chef Just Desserts Gail Simmons, chef and restaurateur David Burke, special contributor for The Chew Evette Rios, and more what foods they hate. Their answers may surprise you.

The sixth season of Bizarre Foods America premieres at 9 p.m. July 9 following a one-hour retrospective special Bizarre Foods Celebrates 100 at 8 p.m..