Olive Oils Made in Wine Country

Come for the wine, leave with some olive oil

Olive oil and wine just seem to go together; they’re part of that magical combination of foods that make the Mediterranean diet so healthful. Both grapevines and olive trees flourish in the same places, so it’s not surprising enterprising winemakers are making their own olive oils. Whether you like your olive oil extra-virgin and spicy or infused with the flavor of fruits and herbs, here are some wine country olive oils worth a drizzle:

Brutocao Cellars: This Mendocino County winery whose founders have roots in Venice, Italy, specializes in Italian varietals like dolcetto, Super Tuscan style blends, and olive oils to match. The olives come from the family’s property and star nothing but classic Tuscan olive varieties like Frantoio, Leccino and Maurino. $18 for the 375-milliliter bottle.

Pietra Santa Winery: Nearly every winery offers a wine club, but Pietra Santa tucked away in the Santa Cruz Mountains is one of the few that boasts an olive oil club, too. Becoming a member of Club OO means you’ll receive two yearly shipments of their Italian oils grown on rocky soil at 1,400-feet elevation, as well as discounts and special invitations. Our favorite is the organic extra-virgin oil. $35 for the 500-milliliter bottle.

Round Pond: The Napa Valley winery is just as well known for their cabernet sauvignon as they are for their local olive oils. Packed in distinctive round bottles — natch — their olive oils that were just released include a Spanish blend and an Italian varietal oil infused with Meyer lemon. $36 for the 375-milliliter bottle.

McEvoy Ranch: After an exciting newspaper career, Nan McEvoy started an olive ranch in Petaluma — and the rest is history. Who doesn’t love their silky 80 Acres olive oil soap and body balm? Wines from the property’s young vines — which include viognier, montepulciano, and pinot noir — are still in the works, but their certified organic olive oil is their claim to fame. The grassy Olio Nuovo made from fresh young olives each fall sells out quickly, but we love the zesty green flavor of the Traditional Blend extra-virgin oil year round. $46 for the 750-milliliter bottle.

Jordan Winery: As if it weren’t enough to create wildly popular cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay on an idyllic property in Healdsburg in Sonoma County, the Jordan family also creates its own olive oil. The slightly spicy blend made from Frantoio, Leccino, Arbequina, and Pendolino olives is wonderful drizzled over grilled veggies. But we can’t wait to try it in this Jordan Olive Oil and Chardonnay Pound Cake. $29 for the 375-milliliter bottle.


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