NYU Ranks #1 as Best Campus for Late-Night Eaters


We’re all familiar with late-night favs like Artichoke, S’mac, Two Bros, Mamoun’s, and ever-popular halal trucks, but we have plenty of chic dessert options like 16 Handles, Big Gay Ice Cream, Spot Dessert Bar, and Momofuku nearby, all of which keep doors open late. For those looking for a sit-down meal experience, Veselka and Kat’s are among numerous 24-hour diners, all within walking distance. We even have tons of grocery stores and delis catering to late-nighters (M2M, anyone?)

But how lucky are we, really? A study by Grubhub recently ranked NYU as #1 Best Campus for Late Night Eaters, showing that we Fighting Violets have the greatest number of restaurant orders received between 10pm-2am locally. Late night orders are 2x (more than 100%) more common for college students than non-college students, and with 239 late night restaurants locally located around campus, it seems NYU students have it made.

Best Campuses for Late Night Eaters:

  1. New York University – 239 late-night restaurants.
  2. Columbia College – 229 late-night restaurants.
  3. School of the Art Institute Chicago – 144 late-night restaurants.
  4. Columbia University – 117 late-night restaurants.
  5. Boston University – 104 late-night restaurants.
  6. The University of the Arts – 99 late-night restaurants.
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 98 late-night restaurants.
  8. University of Pennsylvania – 96 late-night restaurants.
  9. DePaul University – 90 late-night restaurants.
  10. Berklee College of Music – 84 late-night restaurants.

A glance at the top 10 list shows we have more than double the options than even the #4 spot, Columbia University, also located in Manhattan. Basically, NYU takes the cake, pizza, froyo, falafel, or whatever else you crave, for late-night bites. As late-night dining is a staple for college students, we suggest you go out and celebrate this privilege tonight, preferably with something delicious after dark.

But before you do that, enter to win an entire year of free food, courtesy of GrubHub.

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