'Nugtella' Hazelnut-Chocolate-Marijuana Spread Invented

Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread has an army of very enthusiastic fans, but some California supporters might be finding their beloved snack has a bit more of a kick than usual, as a brilliant medical marijuana dispensery there has invented a chocolate-hazelnut-marijuana spread known as "Nugtella."

The product is made by Organicares, a San Jose, Calif.-based nonprofit medical marijuana dispensery that specializes in marijuana-enhanced edibles like peanut butter brownies, oatmeal cookies, and Rice Krispy treats. The treats look pretty tasty on their own, particularly the peanut butter brownies, but they're all laced with a significant amount of hash oil. According to the Organicares website, a one-cup jar of Nugtella contains 320 mg of THC. A single tablespoon serving contains 20 mg THC.

"So, to be clear," writes the Huffington Post's Rebecca Orchant, "we are talking about the single most munchies-inducing property on earth, being combined with one of the most munchies-satisfying properties on earth. The call is coming from inside the house."

Nugtella is probably not an authorized variant on Nutella, which has been known to try to put a stop to fan-created Nutella love efforts like World Nutella Day, so there's a chance Organicares could soon be on the receiving end of a sharply worded letter from the real Nutella's lawyers.

Until then no matter how much a person loves Nutella, this particular spread is only available to patients with a valid California State Medical Marijuana Card. If you do happen to have one of those, though, Nugtella could be an interesting way to add a bit of a kick to some of our best Nutella recipes.