World Nutella Day to End Forever This Saturday

But what will happen to our excuse to eat Nutella with a spoon?

Nutella lovers still dreaming about their World Nutella Day exploits last February might have to add a touch of bittersweetness to their chocolate hazelnut spread; the founder of World Nutella Day has been asked to end the celebration of the product.

Sara Rosso, who started World Nutella Day as a personal tribute, was served with a cease-and-desist letter by father company Ferrero, asking her to shut down her website

World Nutella Day, which was held Feb. 5 every year since 2007, has since evolved into a Nutella fest of fans posting recipes, gorging themselves on jars of Nutella, and creating videos and songs. 

Rosso says that the World Nutella Day site, Facebook accounts, and Twitter will be shut down starting May 25, 2013, in compliance with the cease-and-desist letter.

"The cease-and-desist letter was a bit of a surprise and a disappointment, as over the years I've had contact and positive experiences with several employees of Ferrero, SpA... and I’ve always tried to collaborate and work together in the spirit and goodwill of a fan-run celebration of a spread I (to this day) still eat," Rosso wrote on her website.


Ferrero USA has not responded for comments.