Norway Apologizes for Fighter Jet Cookies

The Norwegian government posted a photo of some cookies that made people mad
Norway's fighter jet cookies


The official Instagram of the government of Norway caused a bit of a controversy by posting a photo of cookies shaped like fighter jets.

Christmas cookies come in many shapes and flavors. Stars and trees are traditional. Starbucks even has some bears wearing scarves. Last week the Norwegian government posted a photo of some cookies shaped like fighter jets to Instagram, and their nontraditional shape disturbed several citizens.

According to The Local, last monday the official Instagram account of Norway’s government posted a photo of some in-progress Christmas cookies made with cookie cutters shaped like fighter jets. The cookies appeared to be a nice tray of traditional ginger snaps, but the fighter jet shape displeased some commenters, who thought it was inappropriate to make Christmas cookies shaped like the tools of war.

The comments section quickly devolved into fighting and name-calling between people who thought the fighter jet cookies were tacky, and people who thought the cookies were neat and those other people were just being too sensitive.

Not long after posting the fighter jet cookies, the Instagram account posted an apology alongside a photo of a ginger snap shaped like a giant heart.

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“A government account on Instagram also has a heart. We understand that many people reacted to the post of fighter jet cookies and we of course once again apologize,” the account posted, according to The Local. “This account is the government’s official presence on Instagram and each department uses it to show things both big and small from everyday life. A continued Merry Christmas to our followers.”