Kidnapped Sheep Baffle Police in Norway

Someone kidnapped some sheep and took them for a pleasant drive


A farmer's sheep went missing and were later found 50 miles away walking around a parking lot. 

Police in Norway were baffled Monday when four sheep mysteriously went missing from the field of a farmer north of Oslo, and though the animals were recovered by the end of the day, everyone is still bewildered by the mystery.

According to The Local, four sheep were reported missing from the field of a farmer in the north of Norway. Police could not figure out who might have stolen them or where they could be, but by the end of the day all four sheep were discovered in a parking lot in Lillehammer, 50 miles away from home.

The sheep were unharmed and still wearing their tags, and they were definitely the farmer’s missing sheep. It is still unclear why anyone would take them and move them 50 miles away, though.

“I’m shocked that someone would do this,” the farmer said. “... Someone must have lured them into a vehicle during the night and driven them all the way to Lillehammer.”

The sheep have been returned to their owner, and police say they’re sure that someone did something wrong, but are not entirely sure how to proceed with finding the culprit or pressing charges for illicitly moving some sheep.


This is a very unusual case,” Trygve Ulset of the Gudbrandsdal Police District said. “It must be covered by the criminal code, but I don’t know which paragraph. We have to investigate this further.”