No Sports Drinks, It's Chocolate Milk for Olympians

Olympians like Jessica Hardy and Nathan Adrian chug milk to recover from their races
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Olympians drink chocolate milk instead of other sugary drinks.

We guess Stanley Cup champions aren't the only athletes to endorse chocolate milk. This Olympic games, olympians like Jessica Hardy and Nathan Adrian are reaching for chocolate milk instead of sports drinks. 

The Los Angeles Times reports that Hardy drinks milk because of her history with supplements; back in 2008, she withdrew from the Olympics after she tested positive for a banned substance (which she said was from a contaminated drink). Swimmer Allison Schmitt was seen drinking some after her race, reports the Wall Street Journal. And Nathan Adrian, who won the gold medal in the men's freestyle 200-meter, is the spokesman for a low-fat chocolate milk advertising campaign. The tagline for the milk? ""Official Refuel Beverage of USA Swimming."

What makes chocolate milk the perfect post-swim drink, say physiologists to the WSJ, is the combination of sugars and carbohydrates. 

And it's not just the swimmers reaching for chocolate milk. One of the Fantastic Five gymnasts, Aly Raisman is often seen drinking chocolate milk in between races, reports the Dairy Herd. She said, "It has the best combination of carbohydrates and protein. I know a lot of other athletes that do it. I definitely feel like it makes a big difference if I have chocolate milk after I work out." We may have found our alternative to sports drinks.