Los Angeles Kings Star's Sons Drink Chocolate Milk from Stanley Cup

Dustin Brown's kids blew bubbles in their chocolate milk from the trophy

That is pure joy right there.

Add it to the list of the most iconic food and drink moments of the Stanley Cup, but we think this might be the most adorable moment from the Stanley Cup. After the LA Kings took home the Stanley Cup in a nail-biting series against the New Jersey Devils, team captain Dustin Brown let his sons drink chocolate milk from the top of his trophy. 

Brown's sons, Jake and Mason Brown, got to celebrate their dad's big win with chocolate milk, bubbles with straws, and Spiderman costumes (perfect).The kids were filmed at their home enoying their treat by Brown's wife, Nicole. It was Brown's day with the trophy, who tweeted, "After 45yrs Stanley is finally home!!!"

After all the champagne, cereal, and even dog food (ew) that's been served out of the Stanley Cup, the chocolate milk is a welcome treat. Check out the history of the historic trophy, and see what food and drink other Stanley Cup winners have had out of the trophy.