Nick Offerman Guests On 'Bob's Burgers' And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Wylie Dufresne is gearing up for a 50-seat pub called Alder in Manhattan's East Village, marking his second opening after 10 years of focusing on wd~50. [Grub Street]

Chefs and Personalities:
Gordon Ramsay is producing a NBC restaurant drama called Inferno, a "dark operatic drama" about two restaurateurs who hire a mysterious Italian chef. It is not a reality show. [Deadline]

Restaurant owners used to a simple "no cellphones" sign are now thinking of giving discounts or banning photography in general. [AP]

Rachael Ray has started her own line of pet food. [YouTube/CNN]

All right kiddos, let's not get ahead of ourselves with foraging. A family nearly died after eating some poisonous mushrooms they picked in their backyard. []

Food for Thought:
Why are grilled cheese sandwiches so amazing? Well, all the smooth, gooey, and warm textures are associated with fat, and humans just love that. Science says so. [PopSci]

Pop Culture:
Nick Offerman guest stars on Bob's Burgers, so we're expecting a lot of bacon. [Vulture]