Next Crowdsources Ideas for Next Menu

Our favorite: Titanic

Grant Achatz's Next has had some pretty impressive themes so far: Kyoto, elBulli, Sicily, Childhood, etc. As they're wrapping up Kyoto, however, the team is looking for their next theme, and so they turned to Facebook (OK, and Twitter).

As of press time, some 691 comments are suggesting themes (most of them geographic, some regarding specific restaurants like The French Laundry), but the popular ones (meaning the ones with the most likes from a brief skim) include African food, the seven deadly sins, and artists, with a Picasso appetizer and a Warholian apertif, with a Degas entrée.


Our personal favorite, though? Titanic. So far two people have suggested it (from what we've seen, at least), with one getting 11 likes. We think this is a solid idea, especially since the last dinner menu on Titanic has been recreated before. Plus, the idea that Jack didn't really have to die (thanks Mythbusters) and the possibility of an alternate storyline where Rose and Jack live happily ever after, portrayed with food, of course, is almost too much for our pre-teen selves to handle. Let's make this happen, OK guys?