Would You Eat This Burger Designed to Taste like Human Flesh

A pop-up restaurant in London is offering a burger that’s designed to taste like human flesh

We know it doesn’t actually contain any human flesh, but it’s still really disturbing.

Where do you take the food lover who’s tried everything? Why, to the pop-up restaurant opening soon in East London, where they will be serving a number of ghoulish creations, including a burger created to taste like human flesh. Before you get the creepy-crawlies, no, the burger doesn’t actually have any human flesh in it, and the pop-up is actually a lead-up to AMC's The Walking Dead season premiere on October 13. Instead, the pop up’s chef, James Tomlinson of London Mess, speculated as to what human flesh might taste like by reading various accounts of cannibals throughout human history.

Okay, so we may not actually have to call the cops on this place, but it’s still pretty chilling. The finalized meat patties are made from pork, veal, bone marrow, and chicken livers. Are you still with us? According to accounts of various cannibals/murderers, human flesh tastes like, “good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef" and according to the murderer Issei Sagawa, it “melted in my mouth like raw tuna in a sushi restaurant".

The burger will be available at the pop-up restaurant starting September 30, just in time for the Halloween season. The location is unknown, but just follow the hashtag #terminustavern, to get news about the macabre eatery.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi