Which Comedians Try to Reference Guy Fieri in Every Movie?

Married comedians Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone have a very particular celebrity crush
Which Comedians Try to Reference Guy Fieri in Every Movie?
Jane Bruce

Above, an artist's rendering of what this obsession might look like.

Married comedians Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone — the utterly scene-stealing couple from Bridesmaids (he was the air marshal, and she was the groom’s sister who was really into a Fight Club-style bachelorette party) — recently stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio to talk about Tammy, the couple’s newest project, which stars McCarthy.

In addition to talking about their new film, McCarthy and Falcone revealed that they just happen to be consumed with an obsession that plagues most of us, if not all: Guy Fieri.

Not only have the pair made it their mission to sneak a Guy Fieri quote in every movie (In Tammy: “This is great bar-q, and I would know because I’m a bar-q shark”), but they watch him religiously.

“When we first started watching him, he just said such crazy stuff, and we were like, ‘Those are not sayings. Those are not real sayings. That’s not a real phrase, that doesn’t make sense.’ And then when you watch him enough, you kind of love him because he’s making all of his own sayings. We’ve grown to have quite an affinity for him.”

Wondering where the Guy Fieri reference was in Bridesmaids? It’s the entire character of Megan. Listen to the whole episode on Entertainment Weekly.  

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