When Will the Madness End? Japan Has a Black Hot Dog

To match your all-black Burger King Japan burger, you can now get an all-black Gyoza sausage at Tokyo DisneySea
When Will the Madness End? Japan Has a Black Hot Dog

When Will the Madness End? Japan Has a Black Hot Dog

Under the sea, under the sea, down where….the hot dog is blacker? Apparently so. Japan is really getting into the black food trend. Not only does Burger King Japan now have an all-black cheeseburger (including a charcoal-colored bun and cheese), but now you can get an all-black Gyoza sausage-style hot dog at Disney World's Tokyo DisneySea Yucatan Base Camp Grill. The black hot dog is accompanied by other various black and orange “spooky” specialties for Halloween.

Luckily, the black hot dog seems a little bit more normal than its burger counterpart, if only because the hot dog bun and condiments are actually a normal color (what? You didn’t want licorice sauce on top of your Goth dog?)

It may sound weird to us, but according to Eva Hyatt, an expert who spoke with New York Magazine, Americans associate black with death and rotten food, whereas the Japanese are used to squid ink and black bean fermented foods.

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