What Would You Do If You Found a Tarantula Behind Your Oven

Glasgow man experiences our worst nightmare: a large tarantula hiding behind his oven!

The (not so) itsy -bitsy spider went under your oven door!

This would probably make our list of the top five things we would never, ever want to happen, right behind being stalked by a clown. A man in Glasgow, Scotland, managed to remain calm when he found a large hairy tarantula hiding behind his oven — a Chilean Rose tarantula, to be exact. The man calmly called the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA), and handed the large arachnid (who was nicknamed Incy), over to the organization for safekeeping.

“Thankfully, the man who found this escapee wasn’t too fazed and managed to contain him until I arrived,” said Caitlin Houston, animal rescue officer with the SPCA, who then handed Incy over to the Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Center. “It’s possible the tarantula belongs to someone in a nearby flat and we’d really like to return him home if he has gone missing.”

While sightings of tarantulas in private homes are rare, as compared with other house spiders, it is possible. Though they are pretty creepy-looking, Houston explained that tarantulas are not actually all that dangerous (tarantulas rarely bite humans, and their poison isn’t deadly) and that this one was most likely a pet. 

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