We Tasted the New Red Velvet Oreos

Oreo has released its newest flavor, Red Velvet: a layer of cream cheese icing stuffed between two red velvet cookies

Oreo keeps coming up with crazy new flavors, but this one is a winner.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Oreo has released its newest flavor: Red Velvet. Red Velvet Oreos are red cookies (of course), with a cream cheese-flavored cream in the center. After surviving the various wacky iterations Oreo has invented over the past year, including Watermelon, Limeade, Root Beer Float, and Reese’s, we can definitely say that this newest Oreo cookie is a winner. The cookies will be hitting stores on February 2.

Surprisingly, Red Velvet Oreos really do taste like red velvet cake, although the cream cheese flavor is a bit more muted than that of a homemade red velvet cake would be. The cookie part doesn’t taste too different from a regular Oreo, but we can easily picture ourselves polishing off an entire sleeve in no time at all.


You can win free samples of the newest Oreo flavor before anyone else has the chance to sample their sweet goodness by entering the contest here, between now and January 22 at midnight. A lucky 20,250 people will receive free boxes of Oreos.