Oreos Get Fruitier With New Limeade Flavor and More

Oreos Get Fruitier With New Limeade Flavor and More

Limeade Oreos are the next big thing in innovative cookies.

Last summer, Oreo released their hot pink watermelon flavor, and this summer it’s lime’s turn. Oreo has begun rolling out limeade flavors of “milk’s favorite cookie,” joining a host of other flavors Oreo has experimented with recently, including lemon and berry. The limeade Oreo contains a tart lime-flavored crème that according to one reviewer, “tastes like lime Skittles,” between two vanilla Oreo cookies.

Sound gross? Surprisingly, even though the unusual treat sounds kind of odd, reviewers and consumers who have been lucky enough to catch limeade Oreos at their local supermarket have generally given the cookie favorable reviews. “It was a crème but had almost a candy-like sweetness, with just the right amount of tang and tart on the backend ,”wrote Junk Food Guy, and Consumerist called it “your refreshing summer cookie.” 

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