Watch: Man Drinks a Gallon of Honey while Covered in Bees

YouTuber L.A. Beast drank a gallon of honey while covered in bees
Watch: Man Drinks a Gallon of Honey while Covered in Thousands of Bees
YouTube/L.A. Beast

YouTube daredevil L.A. Beast takes on a self-imposed honey-drinking challenge while covered in bees.

Despite establishing that he “hates honey” and is “deathly afraid of bees,” YouTube personality L.A. Beast decided to undertake the challenge of drinking an entire gallon of honey, while his head is covered in bees. You may be asking yourself, “But why?”

I can’t answer that for you, but at least Beast has enlisted the help of a professional beekeeper to help him complete the challenge.

Despite having been told that he would be covered in a nest of “nice, calm, easygoing” European bees, and then arriving to learn from David the beekeeper that the bees he brought are a different, more aggressive nest of bees, Beast gamely tapes his shorts to his legs and prepares for battle.

“About a couple thousand” bees are coaxed to attach themselves to Beast’s face and beard by isolating the queen bee in a small cage, which gets attached to our host’s chin. And then he drinks the honey! It’s not a good idea at all, but it’s very entertaining. Watch below:

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