Watch Jamie Oliver Do a Cooking Video with Google Glass

Jamie Oliver cooks with Google Glass' camera on his face, but the video quality got mixed reviews.

Google Glass is well on its way to changing the future of how we communicate and discover information, but can it also change the way we cook? Jamie Oliver decided to give his Google Glass a whirl, and produce a cooking video without a crew, using only Google Glass. Oliver made a shaved asparagus, arugula, and cauliflower salad topped with edible flowers like pansies and violas. Even though the concoction was very healthy, Oliver says in the video, “I never eat a salad because someone told me to or because it’s healthy, I eat it because it’s delicious.”

Throughout the video, the camera is a bit blurry and shaky, especially when Oliver shakes the oil, vinegar, and dill dressing. But could Google Glass eventually change the way we create and view cooking shows? Watch the video below:

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