Watch How Restaurant Patrons React to Staged Anti-Gay Act


This "couple" caused quite a scene in a Southern small-town restaurant. Watch what happens next!

What do you think would happen when a gay couple walked into a restaurant in the middle of a small town in Mississippi and began showing public displays of affection? We hear the sharp intakes of breath from here, but that’s exactly what the candid camera show, “What Would You Do?” did in their latest episode. Two actors, playing a gay couple, entered the restaurant, and when they began canoodling, customers almost immediately started snickering and whispering. Another WWYD actor, playing a customer, mocked outrage and began openly complaining to the couple.

One woman said, “If my husband were here, and he and I kissed that wouldn’t be okay… even if it’s a heterosexual couple, I wouldn’t watch that.”

So the camera crew brought in a straight couple who began canoodling, and no one in the restaurant batted an eye.

When they brought the gay couple in one last time to this Mexican restaurant in the middle of the Bible Belt, the original actress, posing as a customer, asked the staff to kick the couple out. What happens when the gay couple is finally forced to leave the restaurant? The answer, around six minutes into the video, may restore your faith in humanity. 


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