Wash Dishes to Pay for Your Meal at this Parisian Pop Up


If you’re eager to for your spuds with suds, then this pop-up is the restaurant for you.

We’ve all heard the old joke, “we’ll have to stay and wash dishes if we can’t pay for our meal!” but La Bastide d‘Opio, a restaurant in the Paris’ sixth arrondissement, took that literally. The restaurant, which will be completely transforming its façade to operate an innovative pop-up from October 16 through 18, has arranged a dishwashing trough to be in the center of the dining room. After eating their meal, diners are required to wash dishes to pay for their meal.

The amount of scrubbing a diner has to do depends on the amount and type of food that they ate. Dug into the chocolate cake for dessert? You’ll be washing four pieces of flatware; if you have the sea bass filet, you’ll be washing the frying pan, and so on and so forth. No cash or credit allowed at this clean culinary experiment.

Reservations are now open, but extremely limited. With only two serving times per day, a total of 30 people will be able to try the experience before La Bastide d‘Opio returns to normal.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi