Watch: What Does It Take to Become a Starbucks Taste Tester?

Take a look at the Starbucks taste tester headquarters, and the process of sampling 600 coffees a day
Inside Starbucks Taste Test Team and Their 600 Coffees a Day
Bloomberg News

“Anyone can taste coffee — you just have to be in it all the time.”

In this video, Bloomberg News takes us inside the Starbucks coffee lab in Seattle, inside which a small and select team of coffee tasters have the job of trying out up to 600 different coffees a day (“cuppings”).

There are seven dedicated tasters that report to the Seattle headquarters, and fewer than 15 tasters worldwide.

Tasters like Leslie Wolfert go through the daily process of intense quality control.

The tasters evaluate the green coffee beans, roast the coffee, and then pour boiling water directly on top of ground coffee. They let it sit for three minutes, and finally taste and evaluate the coffee.

“We’re really looking at acidity, body, flavor, and overall complexity in the cup,” says Wolfert.

Many of you may be wondering how one gets the job of professional coffee taster.

According to Wolfert, “Anyone can taste coffee — you just have to be in it all the time.” 

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