UK Pop Up Restaurant Makes All Meals From Trash

Skipchen pop-up restaurant in Bristol serves palatable food that volunteers rescue from the trash around the city
UK Pop Up Restaurant Makes All Meals From Trash
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Sounds like a great idea, but would you be able to get your stomach past the pre-conceived ideas of trash?

One pop-up restaurant in England is looking to put a dent in the world’s serious food-wasting problem (about one-third of the world’s food gets thrown out and wasted). Skipchen, a pop-up restaurant in Bristol, U.K., is serving meals made from palatable scavenged food found from “dumpster diving.” Their reasoning is that so much of the food thrown out every day from households and other restaurants could actually be used or eaten.

Sounds like a great idea in theory, but would the average consumer be able to stomach leftover leftovers? Well, the food doesn’t just come from the garbage: ingredients are also donated by local food pantries and farms. The team also, according to ABC, will not use any food that doesn’t “look or smell right,” and will not use meat if it’s already been opened. Found food is washed, peeled, and thrown out if there’s any doubt of general freshness. In addition, a strict level of cleanliness is expected in the restaurant.

The best part could be that the menu, which of course changes daily, is “pay as you feel,” and will be doling out recycled and re-purposed meals until December. 

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