Tribeca Restaurant Thalassa Files Hurricane Sandy Lawsuit

Greek seafood restaurant Thalassa in Tribeca is seeking damages related to loss of revenue during Hurricane Sandy.
Tribeca Restaurant Thalassa Files Sandy Lawsuit

Thalassa restaurant in Tribeca has filed a lawsuit against its insurance provider for business lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Upscale seafood restaurant Thalassa has filed a lawsuit against its insurance provider, Phoenix Insurance Co., which previously denied the restaurant’s business interruption claim, according to Crain’s New York.

The restaurant is among hundreds of businesses affected by the major power outage at a Con Edison substation on East 14th in 2012.

Although the restaurant did not disclose details of its financial losses, Crain’s has speculated that the number is likely in the tens of thousands.

The restaurant was closed for 11 days due to the power outage, which caused damage to the restaurant’s refrigeration equipment. The insurance provider denied Thalassa’s claim in 2013.

Recently, Thalassa’s law firm, Bourne & Zakheim, settled a lawsuit on behalf of Koi Soho, also for losses related to Hurricane Sandy. Koi Soho was seeking $180,000 in damages, although the settlement has remained confidential. Andrew Bourne, a partner in the firm, confirmed to Crain’s that the firm is currently handling about 10 similar cases.

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